Welcome to Revitalise Wellbeing, the Nottinghamshire holistic health business that acknowledges the fact that we can’t always change our external world, but we do have control over our internal one and how we respond and react to life.

Eager to share her heart-felt passion for health and wellbeing with others, Lisa Brindley started Revitalise Wellbeing ten years ago and now offers a range of holistic classes, day retreats and treatments. Lisa provides classes in Hatha yoga, Cheng Man Ching style tai chi, qigong and also her unique wellbeing classes which incorporate qigong, breathing, meditation and mindfulness.  Day retreats take place throughout the year for all the disciplines above and also workshops for laughter yoga.  One-to-one tuition is available and also visits (and classes) offered to schools, care homes and offices.  The treatments are in the Full Movement Method which is designed to relieve pain and restore mobility. The aim is to make all these practices as accessible as possible for everyone and all classes are taught with the individual in mind.

Lisa transformed her life through these disciplines and is passionate about assisting others to reap the numerous benefits and transform their lives too. Helping others embrace their health and wellbeing so they become revitalised, calm, focused and in peace and harmony with their body and mind is paramount to Revitalise Wellbeing.


'It isn't all about me but also about you...'

I first began my exploration into the spiritual and physical disciplines of yoga, qigong and tai chi fifteen years ago and soon became eager to share this heart felt passion with others. I now have nearly ten years teaching experience and am working in a sphere that I am not only passionate about but I also thoroughly enjoy.

However, I believe it all began as a child when I would spend hours in shoulder stands and often unwittingly practiced acro yoga by flying my younger brother on my feet, pretending he was an aeroplane! As well as this early yogic physical desire, my parents impressed on me the importance of helping others and I believe that this set the seeds for the compassion and empathy that is now at the core of everything I do. Whilst in my latter years at school, I undertook voluntary work both in care homes and working with young children in schools. Although my desire to teach began at a very early age, I left university and primary teaching on the grounds of ill health, with chronic fatigue syndrome. Later I suffered with anxiety and depression but because of this I discovered the wonderful benefits that yoga, qigong and tai chi could all give to the body and the mind. My practice enabled me to become more at one with myself, gaining energy and vitality whilst instilling peace and calm, allowing me to overcome ‘dis-ease’ and regain my health and wellbeing. It also helped me to eliminate back problems and release tight muscles like hamstrings and calves, enabling me to gain more flexibility and strength. I truly believe that a gift was offered through my illness, not just for myself but also to be able to help others find their ‘tools in their toolbox’. Consequently, it was not the end to my earlier vision of a teaching career but the awakening and opening of the wonderful teaching opportunities that I am now involved with. The benefits of these disciplines have not only assisted my health and transformed my life but have been so inspiring that I couldn’t wait to share these benefits with others and help them too.

This journey to help others initially led me to train with Andy Thomas as a Full Movement Method therapist to relieve pain and restore mobility through deep tissue massage and joint mobilisations. Nevertheless, I wanted to deepen my knowledge further and to be able to assist clients I trained as a Hatha Yoga teacher to advanced remedial level with Andy Thomas and The Shanti School, Nottingham. Alongside this I trained as a Qigong and Tai Chi (Cheng Man Ching style) instructor with Karen Green and my latest qualifications have been as a Laughter Yoga leader, having the privilege to train at advanced standard with Dr Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga. It is not only unique to have trained in so many disciplines but it is a truly uplifting experience to see how many of my students have gained more control over their lives – to see and hear the benefits that my teaching has given to others has given me a wonderful sense of achieving my vision. My vision has always been to help students develop a greater awareness of the benefits of these wonderful disciplines.

In addition to my weekly classes, I have also taught young children tai chi and qigong, both at Langar School and a weekly class in Barnstone. I currently give monthly seated yoga and tai chi classes at Belvoir Vale Care Home (for dementia and residential care), have run voluntary tai chi classes for the Nottingham Breast Cancer Support Group and taught yoga and tai chi classes for ParkLives (for Nottingham City Council) to promote healthy exercises in city parks. Furthermore, I have taught not only mixed abilities but a wide age range of students from the age of 3 to 93 and carried out treatments on clients from the age of 10 to 94. There is never an upper age limit and also, it is never too late to transform your life or to start learning!

I hope that you will embrace one or all of these wonderful disciplines and follow me on this exciting and invigorating journey!

With love and positive energy

Lisa x


I believe that my love, passion and enjoyment of teaching all these disciplines are manifested throughout all of my classes. My aim is to not only work with my students to enable them to discover the wonderful benefits of yoga, qigong and tai chi but also I want them to go home revitalised and looking forward to their next class!

I maintain the belief that every student is unique and should be treated as such; everyone is welcome at any class, with each class being tailored to the requirements of an individual. I endeavour to integrate everyone into a class and am happy to give alternatives to suit any student’s needs, so if you wish to be seated at all it is not a problem! I believe that compassion, sensitivity and empathy are vital components of these disciplines and they are at the core of everything I do. I strive to help and everyone is made to feel welcome (whether in a class or away from a class).

All classes aim to restore balance, rejuvenate the entire body and promote emotional wellbeing and spiritual healing. The classes are themed with topics such as breathing, mindfulness, improving sleep, relieving stress, digestion, co-ordination, chakras, five elements and many other themes that benefit the mind and body.

Find out more information on the classes I offer below:

Participating in these classes will allow you to take charge of your wellbeing. These disciplines transformed my life; let me help you transform yours

Priced at £6 per class (£7 at Colston) payable in a two monthly block

Cotgrave classes are pay as you go


Allow yourself the opportunity of some precious me time, to relax and unwind, overlooking fields, in the tranquil and beautiful countryside of Colston Bassett Village Hall. Give yourself the opportunity to take care of your inner self by spending more time that is just for you! Giving yourself the consideration you deserve and embrace the opportunity to expand your experience and practice. Don’t miss out!

Each retreat starts with the physical practices in the morning and then afternoons are set aside for relaxation, meditation, & breathing practices, allowing time for lunch to settle! We have a break mid- morning where free tea, coffee & biscuits are provided (available other times too!) Lunches are shared, so please bring a dish of any kind to share, we leave this to the universe and always have a good spread.

Saturday 20th May - Mindfulness Day

"Discover Your True Self" - Yoga, tai chi and qigong

Spend the day creating mindfulness and self-awareness; engaging your senses and bringing you into the present moment, helping you to stay calm, balanced and centred. Research shows that we act on autopilot 47% of the time, with our attention absorbed in our wandering minds, so we are not really ‘present’ in our own lives. This retreat will help you to progress towards becoming more present, living in the moment, rather than for the moment. Leave your thoughts of the past behind and free yourself from worries of the future as you immerse yourself in the here and now.

An optional mindful walk (weather permitting) will follow after the retreat, engaging all the senses, whilst walking through lovely countryside, crossing over the River Smite and through Colston Bassett Hall gardens to the beautiful ruined Church of St Mary’s.

Saturday 22nd July - Restorative Yoga

"The restorative Power of Yoga" - Yoga

Revitalise yourself with an internal retreat – restorative yoga helps you find inner silence and calm, supporting your health and wellbeing, promoting relaxation and leaving you feeling more energetic. Restorative yoga allows your body to be fully supported, enabling you to relax into the shape of the posture without exerting yourself physically, allowing you to relax and receive the pose as opposed to doing it. On this retreat you will be given personal attention to adapt the postures to your own needs. Come along and feel nurtured and supported.

Coming soon two hour workshops in West Bridgford

At Colston Bassett Village Hall, School Lane, Colston Bassett, Nottingham, NG12 3FD

Cost £25 per person for full day or £15 for half day.

All retreats / workshops are from 10.30am to 4pm


“I was new to yoga but Lisa makes sure that everyone feels comfortable and looked after. I always come away feeling like I have worked hard but am also wonderfully relaxed and rejuvenated.” – Yvonne

“I have attended many of Lisa's yoga classes and have always left feeling relaxed, calm and at the same time energized. If it’s your first time at a class, Lisa will take you through each posture carefully making sure you do not strain yourself. Similarly, if you are experienced, there is always more to learn and Lisa will encourage you to push yourself further into deeper postures. Lisa gives individual attention and support to each class member. If you are not comfortable with a posture Lisa will always come up with an alternative to suit you. Lisa has a wealth of experience and brings with her a great knowledge of the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. Nobody is left out in class as Lisa has the skill, patience and support to make sure everyone is comfortable with postures, breathing and relaxation methods. She always has a smile on her face and importantly makes each class fun to attend.” – Karen

“Lisa's classes have helped me through some difficult times with my cancer diagnosis, since joining I've found it easier to deal with my terminal cancer through the meditation and the de-stressing nature of the class.  The stretching has also helped me stay injury free from my running and cycling.” – Rick

“I always enjoy Lisa’s classes. She has an open, inclusive teaching approach and her classes are full of laughter and warmth.” – Emma

“I have been attending Lisa’s class in Granby for the last 10 years. I find it so rewarding and relaxing. Each class has a different theme. The retreats she organises, including a sharing lunch, are also a good way of making new friends.” – Carole Headland

“I felt instantly welcome in Lisa's yoga class, as I was recovering from injury she helped me adapt poses to suit my abilities and I always felt included. Lisa creates a very friendly and calm atmosphere.” – Charlotte

“I have just started yoga at the Granby class on a Wednesday morning, I have not done yoga before. The class is very welcoming with a lovely relaxed atmosphere. Lisa is a lovely teacher and explains all the movements very clearly. I am really enjoying learning the different positions and find the whole experience to be very relaxing.” – Carol Griffiths

“I have been attending Lisa's tai chi classes for nearly four years and have found her to be a conscientious, warm and caring teacher. She always encourages you to work in a way that it is in keeping with your needs, both physical and spiritual, and as well as learning a lot I have a lot of fun!” – Nicky

“I have enjoyed Lisa's classes hugely. She is an excellent leader and teacher, combining a great depth of knowledge with brilliant communication skills.” – Lyn

“Lisa's classes are always a pleasure to attend. She is most welcoming and keeps her sessions lively and topical. Her background knowledge and understanding of her subject are commendable. She has a fresh clear teaching method and is infinitely patient tailoring the lesson to the individual at the same time extending abilities. She provides a happy secure teaching / learning environment with a variety of approaches. Her sessions provide a place to relax, rewind and relieve the stresses of a busy life or for that matter retirement. I for one have thoroughly enjoyed learning Tai Chi for fun and relaxation, also provides balance training very useful in my hobby Historic Dance.” – Mike Spicer

“I met Lisa at Barefoot Festival when I joined her laughter class in 2016 and was lucky to talk to her after the class and she told me about her tai chi class that she teaches at Cotgrave on a Tuesday evening and I’ve never looked back. I fully enjoy the class Lisa is a brilliant teacher she explains clearly which I need and makes me feel at ease I leave tai chi feeling calm and balanced. Thank you Lisa.” – Sharron

“Everyone is made to feel welcome at Lisa's Tai Chi class, whatever their ability or aptitude and she always explains about alternative moves, whether you are standing or sitting, so everyone can achieve something from the class.” – Ellen

“I have been a member of Lisa's Tai Chi class for about the last two years.  I found her to be a most dedicated and knowledgeable instructor in the art of Tai Chi.  The classes are stress relieving, thought provoking and provide exercise for the whole body. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa's Tai Chi class to everyone.” – Kathy

“Lisa is an exceptional teacher and I would highly recommend her classes. What has been really helpful for me is her ability to tailor exercises to suit the individual. As someone who has suffered from long term pain I was worried about starting to exercise again. Lisa was so helpful and understanding she gave me the confidence to join the class and encouraged me to listen to my body. I had tried other teachers before I met Lisa and she has been by far the best! She is friendly, polite and has a wealth of knowledge.” – Amy (Attending both wellbeing and yoga classes)

“I joined Lisa's well-being class while recovering from a long illness. Lisa's caring attitude, coupled with the warmth of the rest of the group made me feel very welcome and gave me the confidence to keep attending the group. The class helped me greatly on the road to recovery and I still practice meditation and the exercises on a daily basis.” – Amanda

“Lisa’s wellbeing class in an hour of tranquillity and gentle exercise. The meditation today transported me to a beautiful and peaceful place. It was such a soothing meditation that I didn’t want the spell to be broken. I came away feeling totally relaxed. Looking forward to Tuesday!” – Sue

“I had a Full Movement Method treatments from Lisa for a shoulder problem that I have had on and off for more than 30 years. From time to time I have had physio which has worked temporarily but this time after 6 months of physio there was no improvement. After only 2 treatments form Lisa the problem disappeared and I now have good exercises to keep it away. I like her attitude that you do not change what you do, but the way that you do it.
I also attend her qigong class on a weekly basis which is excellent for both physical and mental health. We also have a coffee after, which makes it a pleasant occasion.” – Toni Brocklehurst


If you have any queries, about any of the classes, retreat days, free events, FMM treatments or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me by your preferred choice of contact:

Lisa Brindley at Revitalise Wellbeing

Landline: 01949 860013

Mobile: 07854 506451

Email: lisa_brindley@hotmail.co.uk